Chace Joseph Air Conditioning provides AC installation, service and repair so you can stay comfortable and breathe clean air all year round in your home or business. We can also upgrade your AC and lower your bill at the same time to save you money.

Residential & Commercial

In sunny South Florida, AC is a must and so you need a reliable air conditioning company that can act fast when something happens to your AC system. Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our clients can count on our services to fix any kind of air conditioning problem with excellence and in a timely manner.


Our 21 step process includes, checking amps on motors, flushing the drainline, cleaning coils, disinfecting unit, cleaning and replacing the filter.


We tackle any challenge your AC unit throws at us. We recognize the urgency of AC problems in South Florida and offer 24/7 Emergency Repair for when you need us most!


Chace Joseph Air Conditioning installation process includes an impressive range of services from AC systems to smart thermostats so that we’re your one-stop shop.


When you’re renovating your home, there are so many things to keep track of. Call Chace to service your AC for this project, whether it be for re-duct design or total replacement.


Our comprehensive duct services encompass replacement, installation, and repair of air ducts, ensuring optimal airflow and efficiency for your HVAC system.

Our Guarantee

10 Year Product Warranty

We guarantee all products purchased with Chace Joseph Air Conditioning for a period of 10 years.

Extended Labor Warranty

We offer 5 years or 10 year extended warranty option on all labor. If anything breaks – no cost, labor charge, no part charge. There is only a small warranty processing fee.

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